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Warranty Training For the Responsible Dealership

While some other companies may offer training to their clients, we are the only warranty company to offer the trifecta of training: onsite, offsite, and online.

This is because the success of your service department is our top priority. We have a lot of knowledge, experience, and expertise employed at our company that extend beyond warranty claim administration.

In an effort to share that knowledge, we offer a wide range of training options for dealership service staff. These training programs are available in conjunction with our other services or simply a la carte as necessary. They can be as extensive as an onsite visit to your dealership to train your entire staff, as simple as a phone call with our experts for some support through a particularly challenging claim, or as easy as logging into your training portal on the Internet.


Following P&P correctly involves management, the technician, the advisor, and the warranty administrator all working together as one team.

We will work with each role regarding the manufacturers’ requirements for warranty. Your team will walk away from the training with the appropriate knowledge of what manufacturers, auditors, and Admins are looking for as well as a deeper understanding of the warranty cost report and the potential effects of their respective jobs on that report. We also work to develop processes for accountability (C.A.R.S.).

The goal is comprehensive training. We want you to feel completely secure in your knowledge of the warranty process so that everyone is crystal clear on what their role is and how do do it the right way. Of course the training doesn’t have to stop when we return home. You will always have our online training and support available.

If you think your service department could use some help, fill out the form and we'll get in touch with you to talk things over.


Out of our commitment to your success we are very excited to round out our training services and finally offer online training for advisors and coming soon is virtual technician training.

Through your subscription to this program you gain access to interactive videos and quizzes that will train your team on the nuances of warranty from the comfort of any computer. Learn on your own time at your own pace with this cost-effective solution designed for those on the frontlines.

Regardless of your carline(s) you can become AWN certified in warranty. Click here to learn more & try it out


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