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Our company’s mission is to allow our employees the opportunity to earn a decent living by developing admirable skills utilizing their God-given talents to assist dealerships in recuperating the money spent performing warranty repairs for the manufacturers within warranty administration.

Work from home

Most of our workforce is remote. Our team consist of over 150 remote workers and over 50 more at our HQ in Greenwood Village, CO. If you don’t live near our office, its no problem. We will equip you with the computer and other tools to work from your home office.

Dedicated support team

When you join AWN, you’re joining the largest automotive warranty team in the world. You’ll have a dedicated IT team on staff to fix your PC issues and various experts and trainers on hand to assist with any of those difficult claims. With AWN your never alone as you process your claims.

AWN Academy training

Continued growth and learning is very important. We have full time trainers on staff for in person and remote training for every employee. You also have access to our AWN Academy. This online learning center has AWN created training courses for all different types of DMS programs, manufactures, warranty procedures and more

Vacation time

Everyone deserves a good vacation! Not only do we offer vacation time, but our SWAT team jumps into action to cover your accounts when you are away. You’ll get a relaxing vacation and return to accounts that are up to date just like you never left.

Health Insurance

Our people are our greatest asset. We ensure every employee is always taken care of by contributing $600 to cover any of our available health insurance plans. This is enough to cover most of our available plans


We provide a 401k matching program available to all eligible employees

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