Warranty Claims Processing

Warranty Claims Processing Services

Claims Processing For the Burdened Dealership

Don’t worry. Automotive warranty claims management just happens to be our specialty. You see, we don’t just process claims or push paper. Of course we will code, book, submit, correct, and account for your claims. But what sets us apart is that we will look for common discrepancies while we are booking your claims. We then correct and coach your staff on doing it right. (We also offer more in-depth warranty audits to help you manage your exposure.)

Here’s what you get with Automotive Warranty Network:

Highly skilled and experienced warranty administrators
  • Each of our administrators have at least 2 years experience and are specialized in your car line(s).
  • Our administrators are certified annually with the manufacturers they specialize in.
  • We encourage and sponsor our administrators to attend every warranty training seminar that is offered.
  • We hold quarterly internal training sessions to keep our staff up to date on the most current warranty information.
  • Each administrator is required to work a schedule at least monthly and turn it into their manager within our company.
An entire team of skilled experts watching over your warranty claims
  • Our managers review your warranty receivables schedule each month and identify issues or concerns and address them before they get out of hand.
  • We are trend report experts. We have a team of people that are experts in reading and deciphering the manufacturers’ trend report. If you see concerns on the trend we will review it at your request and make recommendations to you to get the trend inline and minimize your exposure.
  • Since we work with a team mentality and have 8 or more administrators skilled in each car line, you actually wield the power of more than one administrator's knowledge and experience when it comes to those troublesome claims.
  • We also have professional trainers that can train your technicians, advisors, and service manager.
Good faith with many manufacturers

We run a trustworthy and ethical operation, and the result is that we have gained the respect of many manufacturers. Many times we enter into a relationship with a dealership when they are in an audit situation with the manufacturer. The dealership hires us to straighten things out and to keep them straight. Most manufacturers understand and respect what we’re doing.

Representation in the event of an audit

In the event you are audited, we will send a representative to your dealership to sit through the audit. After all, we are your warranty administrator and we are processing your claims. We will be there to represent the work that we do for you and to stand behind it.


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