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Friendly Audits For the Proactive Dealership

As we all know, manufacturers have tightened their financial belts and one of their favorite ways to address cash losses is warranty issues.

As you hopefully know, it’s no longer enough to believe that you’re squeaky clean in your warranty office. It’s also no longer a question of “if” you’ll be audited, but “when.” As a dealer, you need to know:

  • That you are vulnerable to an audit.
  • If you’re following all Policies and Procedures with warranty.
  • What your potential exposure would be.
  • What resources exist to help.

To address those needs we’ve developed our own proactive audit control system.

This friendly audit system was developed after years of research in conjunction with our training system for warranty claims management. 30 years in the industry has shown us countless dealers who thought they were safe from a manufacturer’s audit and proceeded to receive huge penalties and chargebacks due to errors they didn’t know permeated their warranty office.

Good news! This problem that you may not even be aware of has a simple solution: regular mini audits that can show you where you may be vulnerable. And let’s be honest, no one has a perfect warranty department. Not even you, sorry.

It works like this:

You simply send us copies of a certain number of repair orders, give us temporary access to the manufacturer’s website and let us go to work. We will use our 30 years of experience with warranties to produce a customized report outlining:

  • Areas of potential weakness – We’ll tell you what’s broken.
  • Ideas you can implement to address those weaknesses – We’ll tell you how to fix it.
  • In some cases we can tell you who needs help – We will tell you who is erring.
  • In most cases we can give you an idea of the potential loss if an audit were to occur – We can even give you an idea how much money you could lose.

That’s it. We check out what you’re doing and tell you where and how to improve. Our clients who take advantage of our audits find that regular mini audits (every two or three months) are an excellent way to stay on top of your advisors, techs, and admins in the warranty process.

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