What we do

Automotive Warranty Network, Inc. is a family owned and operated warranty claims management service based out of Denver Colorado. We have been providing professional manufacturers' warranty claim administration services to dealerships for over 25 years. We have experience processing warranty claims for ALL automotive manufacturers in the industry. We have a employee base of more than 50 highly qualified warranty administrators that currently process more that $10,000,000 of warranty per month. Our warranty administrators have years of experience and certification with ALL manufacturers. We have a proven reputation in the industry with hundreds of clients ready to give us a glowing review. We pride ourselves on being ethical and fair in representing our clients to the manufacturer.

We provide much more than just warranty processing and administration, we have a vast array of services available to your service and fixed operations departments, all geared around making your service department successful and profitable. 

Outsourcing your warranty processing

Warranty administration in the dealership is more important now that it has ever been. The ability of your warranty administrator to correctly submit your warranty claims can directly affect how fast you get your money from the manufacturer, how much of the entitled reimbursement you get from the manufacturer, how much of that money will be kept in the event of an audit, and whether or not you will be selected for an audit. Proper administration is essential.

More and more dealerships are turning to outsourced warranty administration services to get this proper warranty administration. There are many benefits and reasons a dealership decides to outsource the warranty claims administration process.

Fast submission of warranty claims. We submit claims within 24 hours.
Accurate, real-time labor booking.
Each claim is pre-audited for compliance with manufacturers' policies and procedures to ensure that you keep the           money you claim
Administration by 3rd party; non-bias professionals.
Monthly monitoring and review of your manufacturers trend report with feedback if out of line.
Access to a full team of experts to address any warranty and/or service department needs.
Exclusive personalized website for tracking of claims, receivables and compliance
Less expensive than the cost of an in-house solution in most cases.
  • Lower overhead
  • Stop paying FICA, medicare, health care, and other benefits associated with maintaining an employee
The work that we do is guaranteed!

Warranty Tips

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