Smart Warranty Processing, Training, Auditing

Smart Warranty Processing, Training, Auditing

Smart Warranty Experts

Automotive Warranty Network has been processing Smart warranty claims for some time now. Here’s a taste of our process.

We use the Smart Car dealer's computer system to book warranty claims. Prior to booking,  however, a Vehicle Master Inquiry is performed for each unique VIN to insure warranty coverage using NetStar. Smart Car warranty coverage has some small variances from Mercedes-Benz vehicles. During the booking process, WIS, ASRA, and ASRA-Local are used to look up applicable work instructions and labor operations. We utilize Star Tek Info to access TIPS, an important source for locating LI documents for proper repair instructions.

For your sake we keep an eye on the Warranty Scorecard located in NetStar and alert management when there are trends that look suspicious. At the end of every quarter the "trend" becomes "rated". Part of knowing what to look for comes from the monthly warranty webinars we attend held by Mercedes-Benz, taking classes through the Learning Link and contacting Warranty Services Group (WSG).

As there are updates from the manufacturer we make sure to implement such changes and make our dealers aware of all of them.

If this isn’t thorough enough for you, we also have in-house auditors checking the work of our Admins to make sure they’re doing things the right way every time.

Please click on a link below to learn more about who we are and the entirety of what we do. I’ll give you a hint, we’re more than just a claims processing company.


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