Recalls and Time Punching

We get so many service managers that try to tell us, "don't worry about the time punch, it is a recall, the manufacturer has to pay it and they will never look at a recall in an audit."

This is not true.

In fact, time punching is even more crucial on a recall than a regular warranty repair. Vehicles that are recalled for "safety" can be not only a chargeback but a lawsuit to the dealership and the manufacturer if the policy is not followed.

Having a proper time punch is the only "proof" you have that the technician spent the time on that vehicle. Without a time punch, there is no proof that the work was actually performed and how much time was spent repairing the vehicle to make it safe.

Another note:
Read your recalls. If it says "there is no fix available do not sell." Then don't make a repair and then sell the vehicle. You are leaving your dealership open for a lawsuit should that vehicle be in an accident.

If the recall says there is no fix available and it is a retail customer there will be further instructions in the recall to handle the vehicle for the customer while a fix is being published. DO NOT FIX THE VEHICLE IF THERE IS NO FIX. WE CANNOT GET THESE PAID. If you are sending the customer out with a part that should not have been installed that could also be a safety hazard.

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