Porsche Warranty Processing, Training, Auditing

Porsche Warranty Processing, Training, Auditing

Porsche Warranty Experts

Our careful screening process, allows only the most well-qualified, factory-trained Porsche Warranty Administrators. Our Porsche administrators have gone through hundreds of hours of training, achieving all Porsche Academy requirements, including WWS New.

Whether your DMS system processes with the new integrated system or manual submission, our Porsche administrators work all aspects of the PPN, PQIS, WWS New, and PWAR systems. We book and submit daily, ensuring your claim payments from Porsche AG/ Porsche Cars of North America are received each Monday. AWN processes all vehicles in the "Vehicle Information" system, ensuring all have been checked for blocking flags, recalls, as well as checking history to ensure your claims will be processed error free. Our Porsche administrators are always careful to use the "PiRS" system as well as the Document Repository to ensure all TIs and and ATI's are followed.

We are particularly careful to be sure the labor operations that are selected by your factory-trained technicians are accurately and properly placed in chronological order as required in Policy and Procure. You can be sure we always look for items that may need to be added back in after the "labor calculation" step is performed, ensuring your techs are properly paid for any and all diagnostic time. We are always sure to check for special required documents which include, but are not limited to: required photos, videos, alignment check sheets, prior authorization for qualifying repairs.

We make sure all aspects of your warranties are monitored, including but not limited to, reviewing your Monthly Profile Report to closely monitor "Cost Index" or "High Risk Part ID's" for the prior 3 months as we have worked closely with the factories auditing team and we know this will be # 1 on their list when they make their biennial visits. Our Porsche admins all have good working relationships with the Porsche Warranty department. Out of hundreds of Porsche administrators in America, one of ours was hand picked by Porsche to work directly with PAG and PCNA during the all important switch to the WWS New system to ensure the system was introduced as worry free as possible!

I think you’re getting the idea that we know Porsche warranty completely and would love to partner with you as you look to ensure minimum exposure and accurate reimbursements. You can click on one of the links below to learn more about our services.


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Automotive Warranty Audits


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