Mazda Warranty Processing, Training, Auditing

Mazda Warranty Processing, Training, Auditing

Mazda Warranty Experts

Here at Automotive Warranty Network, we have highly skilled administrators who can handle all your Mazda warranty needs! Our Mazda warranty administrators are current on all training and are ready to tackle any warranty issue, no matter how large or small.

We utilize EMDCS and verify all VINs that come into the shop ensuring that all recalls or programs claimed are open under the VIN Inquiry. We also verify and check all history on the vehicle under the Warranty Claim Inquiry to ensure proper handling of warranty claims and to help cut back on any comeback or repeat repairs that may affect your Warranty Action Report negatively.

We stay up to date on all of the most recent Mazda publications to ensure all warranty claims are processed correctly and submitted to Mazda that day for payment. Our Mazda administrators are true professionals who do things the right way to ensure your appropriate reimbursement as quickly as possible.

So if a 24-hour submission time from the most knowledgeable warranty team in the country sounds good to you, please click on one of the links below to learn more about who we are and all that we do.


Automotive Warranty Claims Processing


Whether temp care or full outsourcing, we’ve got your back.

Automotive Warranty Audits


Find mistakes you don’t know exist before the manufacturer does.

Automotive Warranty Compliance Training


Let us show you how to fix your costly mistakes onsite, offsite, or online.

Automotive Warranty Compliance Software


Resolve non-compliant ROs with our proprietary software