Lexus Warranty Processing, Training, Auditing

Lexus Warranty Processing, Training, Auditing

Lexus Warranty Experts

Lexus is always a leader in reliability and customer service and Automotive Warranty Network is aware of how important accurate warranty processing is as a part of the success of the Lexus brand.

AWN administrators have years of experience using the Dealer Daily, TIS, and Claims Processing systems. We also have knowledge beyond daily claim submission. We can answer questions regarding warranty extensions and information in the Warranty Resource Center that dealership personnel may not know how or where to access. When and if it is necessary, we can assist the dealer with Lexus Customer Service (LCS) authorizations and claim payments.

We work with all DMS systems and are flexible to what dealers ask of them. We do the entire warranty process from initial booking all the way to warranty receivables striving to keep the schedule as clean as possible.

We strive to keep dealers out of audit situations but will assist the dealer in any way possible if and when an audit happens.

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Automotive Warranty Compliance Training


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