Land Rover Warranty Processing, Training, Auditing

Land rover Warranty Processing, Training, Auditing

Land Rover Warranty Experts

JLR recently changed to a global warranty administration process which has brought some changes on how claims may be processed. Automotive Warranty Network has been in training and up to speed on the new process. Even though the difference in the day to day processing hasn’t changed, we always stay current with new processes and policies.

We start by reviewing the repair order to ensure all the information is correct and follows all manufacturer guidelines for quick processing and payment. We log into the Land Rover manufacture website and go into DDW where we can run a vehicle inquiry to verify warranty coverage and or programs/recalls that may be listed for the vehicle.

In the booking process we go directly to TOPIX to look up the labor operations and times to pay the technicians for the repairs on the vehicle. In TOPIX, AWN will also be able verify any technical service bulletin information that is listed for the vehicle as well as retrieve the recall details we would need to process any recall warranty claims.

Once everything is booked and double checked for compliance issues it is ready to close and submit for payment.

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