Jaguar Warranty Processing, Training, Auditing

Jaguar Warranty Processing, Training, Auditing

Jaguar Warranty Experts

When DDW first took off we already knew how it worked because of the similarities of some of the other manufacturers. Automotive Warranty Network was flooded with Jaguar dealers and we called it riding the Jaguar wave. We are adept with all DMS systems when it comes to downloading the information needed to the DDW system.

We book the claims checking for all coverages and TOPIX for current information making sure that once closed the claim has all necessary information to make it through to payment.

We work daily with assessors at Jaguar. AWN has a reputation of getting it right the first time so the assessor does not have to return the claim for more information. This speeds up payment times and allows for a cleaner schedule. It also means that the information on the job is correct when it comes to auditing the claim.

AWN will be on site for any audits that may happen at the store but we strive to make sure the costs are in line so the wolf stays away from the door.

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