Infiniti Warranty Processing, Training, Auditing

Infiniti Warranty Processing, Training, Auditing

Infiniti Warranty Experts

At Automotive Warranty Network we’ve been processing Infiniti warranty for a while now. Here’s how it goes down:

AWN uses your Dealer Communications System (DCS) to submit claims, see host reports (claims activity reports, suspended claims, adjusted claims, as well as the warranty report or BAMA). We do this daily and access NNAnet. It is our rule that all claims must be booked, closed and submitted within 24 hours and that all rejected claims are corrected within 48 hours. The only exception to this is if we are waiting for you, the dealership, to provide needed information.

In the booking process our administrators use the Warranty Flat Rate Manual - used to find labor operation codes and symptoms/diagnosis codes. We make sure these are accurate before closing so the claims go to Infiniti clean.

Prior to booking we check National Service History (NSH) to review history, see vehicle info, verify open Campaigns and bulletins, ITB’s, here as well as in ASIST to make sure repairs are performed as indicated in the bulletins and that all parts are charged out.

And, of course, we use the Assurance Products Resource Manual (APRM), the Infiniti warranty bible. We know it chapter and verse so we can make your claims as audit-proof as possible.

If this doesn’t quite put your mind at ease, we would be happy to provide references. All you have to do is ask. Please click on a link below to learn more about our company and what we have to offer.


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