Honda Warranty Processing, Training, Auditing

Honda Warranty Processing, Training, Auditing

Honda Warranty Experts

Honda, airbags, and recalls oh my!  With the influx of all the recalls out there the claim volume has exploded with Honda.  That is where Automotive Warranty Network can help.

We strives to help Honda dealers keep the money that’s been submitted and we do this by crossing every “t” and dotting every “i” when it comes to policy and procedure. Since compliance is the name of the game, we want to protect you and your revenue.

We have a team that can tackle the overwhelming volume of booking these in your DMS and submitting within 24 hours into website.

Honda utilizes template claims where possible, however if the amounts are not perfect, then that template will not work.  AWN has proven methods of when and which templates will work and which will not.

We will also utilize Interactive Service Information System to check the VIN inquiry before booking to make sure all recalls or campaigns are complete and accurate before closing.  We want to make sure you get your money fast and that it is compliant with policy.

The Honda DPSM’s are very knowledgeable and do not want their number used without their approval and the authorization sheet must be kept up to date for their inspection at the store. AWN will keep these accurate and keep a living document for all to share.

If you have a question about Honda warranty our expert administrators and trainers can answer it. If you would like some references, just ask. We have a lot of them. For more information on our specific services and products please click one of the links below.


Automotive Warranty Claims Processing


Whether temp care or full outsourcing, we’ve got your back.

Automotive Warranty Audits


Find mistakes you don’t know exist before the manufacturer does.

Automotive Warranty Compliance Training


Let us show you how to fix your costly mistakes onsite, offsite, or online.

Automotive Warranty Compliance Software


Resolve non-compliant ROs with our proprietary software