Getting to know your customers

I ran into this newspaper clipping from my grandfather's dealership. It made me think about some good old fashioned relationships.


I love the last paragraph in the article, “We do give our personal attention.” And the very last sentence states, “Which makes many satisfied customers because of this individual service.”


It seems our idea of business has changed, and our “personal attention” has been reduced to an email. Don’t get me wrong, email is still the best way to send and receive information; however, as humans, we still long for that personal touch.


A 30-second phone call to say, “Hi, how are things going? I just wanted to check on you to make sure you don’t need anything.” This small engagement goes miles when it comes to satisfied customers. You don’t have to stay on the line long because we are all busy.


Your voice speaking one to one with your customer is what helps you get to know them, and their needs. Because of your attention to this individual service, you will not only gain a lifelong client, but you will add a friend in the process.

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