Ford Warranty Processing, Training, Auditing

Ford Warranty Processing, Training, Auditing

Ford Warranty Experts

Automotive Warranty Network is responsible for processing millions of dollars a month in Ford claims for dealerships all over the country.

Our whole goal in this is to help Ford dealers keep the money that’s been submitted and we do this by crossing every “t” and dotting every “i” when it comes to policy and procedure. Since compliance is the name of the game, we want to protect you and your revenue.

We’re experts in OWS and have completed all requirements and training provided by the manufacturer.  Not only that but we now train dealerships in OWS processes using real tickets without taking valuable time away from your team and their jobs.  This means that we don’t use sterile training repairs but the real, messy ones that you see every day.

We also process ESP contracts as well as misbuilt vehicles, transportation claims, goodwill claims, or any claim that is paid by Ford. This includes Lincoln Loyalty claims as well as QFC Fleet claim processing.

You’ll find that we’re very strict when it comes to following policy and procedure.  The biggest item on our mission statement is “Do the right thing.”  We want to be good partners with you, the dealership, and the manufacturer.  Our goal is to make sure your claim meets all Ford requirements when it is submitted.

We also take the time to verify the vehicle information on OASIS prior to booking claims to make sure the vehicle is within the warranty guidelines.  This allows us to help ensure that you have captured open recalls while looking at the inquiry.  We can then look at the TSBs to check symptom codes or special messages.

When M time is requested we verify that all comments are adequate, time punching falls logically to support the time requested, and that management is approving the time. We know that when assessors look at claims they need great comments to support all parts replaced.  Our goal is to help technicians tell the story so that any claim that goes “under review” can quickly be approved for payment.

The bottom line is that we know Ford warranty inside and out and we’re happy to provide references should you require them. For more information on our specific services and products please click one of the links below.



Automotive Warranty Claims Processing


Whether temp care or full outsourcing, we’ve got your back.

Automotive Warranty Audits


Find mistakes you don’t know exist before the manufacturer does.

Automotive Warranty Compliance Training


Let us show you how to fix your costly mistakes onsite, offsite, or online.

Automotive Warranty Compliance Software


Resolve non-compliant ROs with our proprietary software