Dodge Warranty Processing, Training, Auditing

Dodge Warranty Processing, Training, Auditing

Dodge Warranty Experts

Here at Automotive Warranty Network, we employ Dodge factory certified Warranty Administrators who know how to book Dodge repairs via your DMS and submit claims within DealerConnect within 24 hours of completion.

AWN uses the VIP in order to validate warranty coverages of necessary labor operations. We are also trained to use TECHCONNECT in order to review TSB’s and STARs cases in order to ensure all procedures within the bulletins are followed as per Dodge’s directive. Additionally, we also make sure that all 00 time is properly documented and that the times punches provided are accurate and supported by the repairs performed.

At AWN we stay up to date on the latest policies and procedures by staying up to date on the monthly warranty bulletin releases in WIC, as well as staying privy to new document releases in from COMDASH for items that we should be aware of. Our warranty administrators also maintain their training status in the FCA Training Portal, as well as being offered to attend any instructor lead classes that are available.

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