Chrysler Warranty Processing, Training, Auditing

Chrysler Warranty Processing, Training, Auditing

Chrysler Warranty Experts

Welcome to Automotive Warranty Network! I’m sure you are interested in our trained Chrysler Administrators who book repairs timely on your DMS and submit claims to Dealer Connect within 24 hours.

We utilize Dealer Connect to properly book all repair orders by verifying warranty coverage, ensuring all TSB's, RRT’s and Recalls have been properly documented, and confirming all labor operations are aligned with the repairs performed. We also assist dealers in following proper procedures to file Digital Imaging Claims to ensure timely processing of the repairs. We make sure that all 00 time and diagnostic times are properly documented and supported by accurate time punching procedures.

In addition to booking and submitting repair orders, we also have a deep understanding of the policies and procedures. AWN has been privy to working with Field Warranty Specialist (FWS) and auditors to determine how we can best assist the dealer to make sure all bases are covered. We pre-audit all repair orders to make sure all paid claims will stay that way in the event of an audit.

We also stay up on all of the available training in order to provide the most accurate warranty administration possible utilizing the FCA Performance Institute, Tech Connect and ComDash resources and attending any instructor lead classes when available.>

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Automotive Warranty Audits


Find mistakes you don’t know exist before the manufacturer does.

Automotive Warranty Compliance Training


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Automotive Warranty Compliance Software


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