Audi Warranty Processing, Training, Auditing

Audi Warranty Processing, Training, Auditing

Audi Warranty Experts

Audi oil consumption issues, camshaft failures, rattle repairs and adjustments? These are the types of claims that can often create several warranty submission issues for dealers. This is where Automotive Warranty Network comes in. At AWN, we have an experienced team dedicated to booking Audi claims and submitting them into SAGA within 24 hours.

Prior to booking repair orders, AWN will utilize ELSA PRO to check the VIN inquiry, confirm that SRTs are correct, and review the Technical Service Handbook to ensure that the appropriate bulletins and recalls are referenced.  We want you to get your money fast while ensuring that it is compliant with the manufacturer's policy.

We cross every “t” and dot every “i” when it comes to policy and procedure. Since compliance is the name of the game, we want to protect you and your revenue.

AWN strives to obtain all of the knowledge necessary to offer the best in warranty administration and training. In addition to these services, our team will maintain Warranty Administrator certifications through Audi Academy in order to help ensure that dealers receive the appropriate recognition and incentives from the manufacturer.

If you have a question about Audi warranty, our expert administrators and trainers can answer it.  Additionally, AWN has several references if you need them. For advice, considerations, tips, and tricks, check out our Warranty Blog.  For additional information on our specific services and products, please click the links below.


Automotive Warranty Claims Processing


Whether temp care or full outsourcing, we’ve got your back.

Automotive Warranty Audits


Find mistakes you don’t know exist before the manufacturer does.

Automotive Warranty Compliance Training


Let us show you how to fix your costly mistakes onsite, offsite, or online.

Automotive Warranty Compliance Software


Resolve non-compliant ROs with our proprietary software