Aston Martin Warranty Processing, Auditing, Training

Aston Martin Warranty Processing, Training, Auditing

Aston Martin Warranty Experts

At Automotive Warranty Network, we have an experienced team dedicated to booking Aston Martin claims and submitting them into the AMdealer website within 24 hours. We know the system well and navigate in the system to make sure all parts and labor are correctly submitted and inventoried.

Prior to booking repair orders, AWN utilizes AMdealer to check the VIN inquiry, confirm that all outstanding bulletins are correct, and review to make sure they are appropriate and recalls are referenced. This is a part of our pre-audit process that we go through for every repair order. We don’t want to just blindly send claims through to AMdealer. We check to make sure everything is in order so you can receive the appropriate reimbursement.

We also attend any classes offered and are up to date on all communication offered by Aston Martin and stay current on all policy and procedure. Utilizing these policies AWN has additional tips and training for your entire staff that we have learned along the way and are happy, willing, and able to share with your dealership.

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