Our History

Our Story

The origination of our company started in 1986 under another company name. This was pre-computer days when claims were manually written up and mailed into the manufacturer. It was the true beginning of computerized submissions.

Lisa ReinickeAs the sole owner, operator, and employee, Lisa Reinicke would travel to different dealers to administer claims processing and submissions. Once computers began to take off, the company grew to a whopping two people who would travel to dealerships and submit claims together.

We purchased our first Ford Rainbow computer which allowed for off-site processing for dealerships. And then there were four...in a basement. But then to 8 in the basement! We were elbow-to-elbow processing claims.
After a bit we expanded to an office that was converted from a three-car garage and soon we even outgrew those accommodations. We were in need of a true office.

With that office came a new partner. A fresh perspective, a new sense of life in the business, new dreams and hopes...

And then there was one. In 2000 AWN Inc (Automotive Warranty Network, Inc.) was formed. We wanted to be more than just claims processing. After noticing that off-site claims processing wasn’t for everyone we realized how much some dealerships still struggled with training administrators with real tickets. This is when we created our training program.

We have since found that training technicians and advisors on proper processes and procedures is necessary for proper claims submission and standards. We have worked hard to offer programs to properly train all service staff in these areas.
We also found that even with proper training and administration, there are holes. This is when we developed our pro-active auditing for both our processing clients and clients who self-administer.

CARS warranty compliance softwareOf course our pride and joy is our own proprietary interactive software that helps dealerships stay compliant with the manufacturers’ policies. Just try to find someone else who does that. We improve this program daily in order to provide our clients real-time information on payments, compliance, and training needs.

All of this has helped us to grow into the largest automotive warranty processing company in the US. We work with about 800 clients every year who are actively involved with one or more of our services. We have over 200 employees, including administrators, support staff, and training personnel.

Our administrators rank the highest in job satisfaction, advancement potential, and knowledge level. We strive to provide every opportunity and all support necessary to grow in their field.

We offer more services than any other claims processing company. We network with clients, service groups, and consultant companies to offer the dealership help in many areas of need.

That catches us up to the present. Subscribe to our blog to keep up to date on our big breakthroughs and innovations. You can also benefit from tips and advice that have been collected over all of this history. Learn from our mistakes, our successes, and our hard work.